Rowdy A – Dedication Update

By royal | March, 12, 2012 | 0 comments

Hey guys,
wanted to update our music blog today with a very special tribute to our brother @DJRowdyA, We would like for everyone to keep his music alive and honor him for all the hard work he accomplished throughout the years! He was and still will remain an ICON to all the lives he touched. This kid guided anyone and everyone dealing with a struggle in their life, to follow their dreams… wether a musician, dancer, teacher, promoter or even someone just living a normal life. He believed everyone could accomplish anything by putting the hard work and dedication into something they enjoy. Raul Alianza, also known as DJ ROWDY A was a good friend of mine and the whole BASS FACE TEAM. We will always remember our good friend Raul Alianza aka DJ ROWDY AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! =)

Love you brother!
Thumbs up, Pinkies Down!

- Royal Rich + The Bass Face Team

HERE are some of DJ ROWDY A’s links so if you didn’t know about him, now you do!

Website: HERE
Youtube: HERE
Twitter: HERE
Facebook: HERE
Soundcloud: HERE
Tumblr: HERE


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