• Confetti Cannon

    Confetti Cannons

  • Stage Risers

    Stage Risers

  • Crank Stand

    Crank Stands

  • LED Screen

    LED Screens

    We also carry a wide variety of screens for both outdoor and indoor used ranging from high to low resolution

  • Projector


    We also have a projector and have projector screens you could use to display visuals

  • Lazers


    We have a large selection of lasers ranging from small lasers to large full color animation lasers

  • Blinders

    Audience Blinders

    We also have the necessary accessories to run this type of lighting.

  • Cryo-Jets


  • Audio


    We carry a numerous amount of speakers for all occasions

  • Truss


    We have base bottoms, both aluminum and metal. We carry multiple sizes ranging from 2 ft to 10 ft

  • Atomic 3000


    We have a great selection of DMX strobes in our inventory.

  • Vizi Beam

    Moving Heads

    We carry a variety of moving head fixtures